We ‘rolled up’ to protest against Stardust Animal Circus!

Stardust Circus Protest

Animal Liberation Qld held a peaceful protest at Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine today against Stardust’s use of exotic animals, including lions, in its circus.

Our vocal protestors held up a variety of anti-circus placards on busy Strathpine Road near the circus arena.  We obviously got the message across, given the level of support we had from the honking motorists travelling past. When the traffic lights at the intersection turned red, we entertained them (hopefully!!) for a minute or two with anti-circus songs and chants.


The Issue

As you read the sign "animal circus in town", have you ever thought about what the life of a circus animal might be like?

  • Caged
  • Forced to live in cramped and totally unsuitable housing
  • Hauled from town to town
  • Made to perform to a profit driven timetable.

This is their life!

We, along with an ever increasing number of people around Australia and around the world, believe this is wrong.

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