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March for the Murdered Million

March for the Murdered Million

NATIONAL ACTION - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart will be hosting the March for the Murdered Million on July 24, which stems from CAGED northwest's event happening on the same day in the UK. This event is to honour all the greyhound who have been bred, exploited and killed by the greyhound racing industry for no reason other than gambling and entertainment.

15 greyt reasons to adopt a greyhound

Are you looking for a laid back, sweet natured, gentle giant? A couch companion who will be a friend for life? If you answered with a resounding YES PLEASE, then a rescued greyhound might be the dog for you.

Despite the fact that they may come from a perilous life on the racetrack, greyhounds are highly adaptable to a home environment - they're even well suited to apartment living. Give them some love, affection and a comfy couch to laze on and they'll be your best friend for life.  

Billboard campaign to ban greyhound racing launches in Brisbane

Brisbane, 7th October 2015 – Animal Liberation Queensland today launched a billboard campaign at Brisbane’s Central Station highlighting the widespread killing, or ‘wastage’, of dogs and puppies in the greyhound racing industry. The billboard, the first part of an ongoing campaign, will educate the public about the true scale of killing in the industry under the tagline “Running late isn’t the end of the world…unless you’re a greyhound”.

Help close down the infamous Canidrome greyhound racing track

Close Canidrome Greyhound Racing Track in Macau

Australian greyhounds, shockingly, are live exported to China to race in Macau, the only place in Asia with a greyhound track. When not racing, the dogs live in small cages onsite. Even more ghastly is the fact that not a single Australian dog sent to Macau comes out alive at the end of their career – there is simply no adoption program to make this possible.  Dogs are killed when their performances start to decline, usually before the age of five.


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