Animal Care & Protection Act review

Updated 22 May 2021

The Queensland government is currently reviewing Queensland's Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (ACPA). This is the first full review of Queensland's primary animal welfare legislation in 20 years. 

We took the opportunity to highlight key issues we would like to see addressed under ACPA. ALQ made a comprehensive submission to the ACPA review and will be seeking further opportunities to have our say. 

Among several other issues raised, ALQ made clear several key priorities, including:

  • Recognition of the sentience of non-human animals and the community’s obligation to protect the basic requirements of animal welfare.
  • The establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Protection to address the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ current conflict of interest.
  • A minimum baseline of animal welfare to ensure that neither that Codes nor Standards & Guidelines can enable animal cruelty that should otherwise be prohibited under the Act.
  • Mandatory prohibition orders for repeat or serious offenders to prohibit those individuals from owning or being responsible for any animal for life.
  • Making calf roping in Queensland a prohibited event.

Before the end of the public consultation period, we also made available our guide to making a submission and completing the survey. While we don't yet know how many submissions and survey responses were from our supporters or included our points, we do know that our guide was accessed over 750 times by our supporters. The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries has confirmed that over "900 submissions and 1500 survey responses" were received during the public consultation period. 

Public consultation closed on 21 May 2021. 

We will continue to monitor the review process and let supporters know of further opportunities to voice their concerns and have their say on this important review.

Find out more at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website here.