15 greyt reasons to adopt a greyhound

Are you looking for a laid back, sweet-natured, gentle giant? A couch companion who will be a friend for life? If you answered with a resounding YES PLEASE, then a rescued greyhound might be the dog for you.

Despite the fact that they may come from a perilous life on the racetrack, greyhounds are highly adaptable to a home environment - they're even well suited to apartment living. Give them some love, affection and a comfy couch to laze on and they'll be your best friend for life.  

Here's just 15 reasons why greyhounds are loving, gentle giants and why you should adopt one (or two..). 

1. You can't look past their adorable smile


2. They're sometimes BFFs with cats

Image: Friends of the Hound

3. Ok, again with the cats.....

Image: Friends of the Hound

4. Their style game is on point

Image: Milgi Coats

5. They can teach you a thing or two about couch yoga


6. Though they may be excellent models, they never get all 'diva'

Image: Gem Photographics

7. They never lose the sparkle in their souful eyes

Image: Lyndal Carmichael Photography

8. They'll join you on adventures


9. Greys make the best study buddies

Image: Reddit

10. A day out protesting for their mates is a walk in the park 


11. Even though they may not approve of your stylings, they'll join in the silliness


12. One word: cuddles

Image: Pinterest

13. Greyhounds will teach you unique sleeping positions

Image: Amazing Greys

14. Did we mention they make great reindeer?

Image: Pinterest

15. Drumroll please....... Moving cubby house!

Image: Reddit

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Australia-wide searchable database for Greyhounds for adoption

Blue the Grey also has a great list of organisations here.