ALQ exposé video launched as industry 'Beef Week' kicks off

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Beef Australia's Beef Week - the Australian Beef industry's expo which happens every three years in Rockhampton to celebrate Australia's huge beef industry.

This video, the majority of which was gathered by Animal Liberation Queensland investigators over the last couple of months from all over Queensland, contains previously unseen footage, showing the reality of life for most cattle in Queensland.

Is this something really worth celebrating? Beef Week's slogan is 'see it, taste it, love it'. We want the public to see the lives - the individuals. And see their suffering. Taste some delicious meat-free, cruelty-free alternatives. And love the fact that you aren't contributing to an industry which is causing large-scale destruction to not only animals, but also to our environment.

Please help spread the word and SHARE using the hashtag #BA2018.

LIFE. Not Livestock.