Glasshouse Country Farms, Beerburrum QLD

Piggery Footage from Beerburrum, Qld

ALQ recently received anonymous footage from Glasshouse Country Farms, Beerburrum, Qld, Australia.

This footage was reported to authorities and the only response received back was "We are unable to provide information regarding animal welfare complaints due to privacy laws.".

The truth is, we never expected authorities to act on anything in this footage. This is not a rogue operator - this is what modern pig farming looks like.

In the footage you will see one mother pig who didn't want to leave this horrible place. She feared an even worse fate awaited if she left. So they killed her there in front of all the others. 

The power to help these pigs is with the consumer - you.

Please watch the video yourself, share with others, and make the compassionate choice - go vegan


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