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Bendigo Bank - Don't Support Greyhound Racing

On 24th August 2014, Animal Liberation Qld volunteers attended the greyhound puppy auction at Ipwsich, Queensland.

We are extremely disappointed that Bendigo Bank supports such a cruel and wasteful industry. The greyhound racing industry is responsible for an estimated "wastage" of some 17,000 dogs each year in Australia.

UPDATE: 19/02/2015 - We are pleased to announce that Bendigo Bank have withdrawn their sponsorship after a huge public outrage following our investigations which aired on 4 Corners this week. Find out more at

Take Action!

Please contact Bendigo Bank and politely ask that they stop sponsoring greyhound racing.

Email Bendigo Bank: [email protected]

You can include some of these points in your email:

  • The support of the recent puppy auction at Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club flies in the face of Bendigo Bank's commitment to homeless animals 
  • The greyhound racing industry promotes the overbreeding of dogs in the hopes of producing a "winner" 
  • Thousands of greyhounds are euthanased each year because they are no longer profitable
  • Bendigo Bank's support of greyhound racing does not reflect corporate social responsibility

You can find further contact details here.

Find out more

See media release from 2nd September: You can bank on excessive greyhound puppy breeding

Find out more on our greyhound racing campaign page.