Remembering the animals in your will

You can help our work enormously by leaving a bequest to ALQ

Whatever your age, it is sensible to ensure that you have a will, and it is representative of your beliefs in life.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a provision in your will that names the recipient or partial recipients of your estate. In making a bequest for Animal Liberation Queensland you can specify an amount of money or a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate, or other items of personal property such as shares. Your bequest can be directed by a particular area of work, such as helping to fund a particular campaign

Whatever the size of your bequest, it will be gratefully received and will continue to work in your name. Please let us know if you have included ALQ in your will so that we can ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Changing your will

Including a bequest in your will is simple and can be done when your make your will or added with a codicil to an existing will. The recommended specific wording can be downloaded here, or you or your solicitor can contact our office for all of the necessary details.

Like to know more?

Thank you for considering Animal Liberation Queensland. We are a politically independent, non-violent group that is willing to oppose all forms of cruelty to animals regardless of whether they are raised for food, used in entertainment or experiments, or are wild animals suffering exploitation. We do not receive one cent of Government funding and rely completely on donations and our volunteers to speak on behalf of the animals.

Honouring past bequests

Animal Liberation Queensland would sincerely like to thank the following people and their families for their kind bequests.

The Ida Curtis Bequest

Funded a successful campaign against cattle feedlots in the Darling Downs.

The Mary Huxham Bequest

Funded an ongoing state campaign against the battery hen egg production system and for truth in labelling.

The Wolfensberger Bequest

Helped fund the successful campaign against duck and quail shooting in Queensland.

The Yvonne Pay Bequest

Helped fund the production and printing of the Boycott Cruelty brochure.

The Catherine Josephine Driscoll Bequest

Helped fund printing of the What's Wrong with Factory Farming brochure.