2016 year in review

Greyhound Racing

We've kept the pressure on the greyhound racing industry with our billboards up around Brisbane, with the support of Voiceless as well as more than 100 donors who pitched in to this campaign. We also supported and spoke at the 'Shut It Down' rally, and made a submission and appeared in Qld Parliament in response to the Racing Integrity Act (Qld). We will continue this fight in 2017... And while greyhound racing isn't going to disappear overnight, we believe it is no longer a matter of if it will end, but only a matter of when


We've been out filming at more rodeos this year and we launched our RethinkRodeos.com website where more than 2500 people have taken action. We also managed to get calf scruffing banned at Boonah Show after our footage hit the media. The Premier has now asked the Animal Welfare Advisory Board to report to her personally on both calf roping and calf scruffing and we will continue to push hard for these events to be banned in Queensland next year. We recently had a joint digital billboard with RSPCA up for a week in one of Brisbane's busiest intersections in Fortitude Valley. The billboard highlighted the cruelty of calf roping which had to be censored due to the "violent" images of calf roping.

Puppy Farming

Our puppy farm campaign has also been busy with joint investigations in several states. A joint investigation with ALQ, Oscar's Law, and AL NSW exposed dogs in cruel conditions in NSW and huge holes in the current legislation. We also made a comprehensive submission to the Puppy Protection Bill (Qld) highlighting several areas in which the Bill falls short of protecting puppies, we encouraged others to make submissions as well, and we appeared at the Parliamentary Committee Hearing to answer questions.

Other Campaigns and Outreach 

We've been busy with our other campaigns as well - protesting at animal circuses, pushing to have chicken hatching project banned, supporting stronger landclearing laws, and more. 

We've also held bake sales, vegan barbeques, a vegan high tea, several film screenings, presented at several conferences, and held Ditch Dairy evenings to help people to ditch animal products.

And we've been out and about at an increased number of events this year including festivals, markets, train stations, the mall and shopping centres. Many of these events have included showing people the powerful short documentary "1000 eyes", exposing them to the horrors of factory farming. And finally, we've also been getting vegan leaflets out, with many thousands of brochures being distributed this year, which we know makes a difference to many of those who read them.

All of this has only been possible because of the amazing support from all of our wonderful supporters - both our volunteers and our members and donors.

Will you help us achieve even more in 2017?

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