Tackling Qld’s obesity problem: ALQ invites Premier and Health Minister to premiere of 'What The Health' documentary

22 May 2017 - For Immediate Release

The Qld Government has just announced plans for a public health commission to tackle Queensland’s high obesity and chronic disease rates by supporting children, young people and families to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The announcement comes just as Animal Liberation Qld (ALQ) is preparing for this Thursday’s premiere Queensland screening of What The Health, a new feature documentary examining the links between modern lifestyle diseases and the high rate of consumption of animal products.

ALQ has extended an invitation to Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, and very much hope they will attend.

The film, from the makers of Cowspiracy, features a host of medical and nutrition experts showcasing the compelling evidence for going plant-based, and profiling the success stories of participants who turned their health and their lives around through diet shift.

ALQ campaigner Catherine Laurence said, “Unfortunately there are many cultural myths that normalise and encourage diets heavy in meat, dairy and eggs, and an enormous animal agriculture lobby that pushes these products on consumers through constant advertising.

“The good news is that the evidence is in, and people are starting to make healthier, more sustainable and more compassionate choices.”

Just last Friday, the Guardian reported on another new study that found replacing animal products with plant-based foods could halve people’s chances of becoming obese.

ALQ hopes that the Qld Government’s new Healthy Futures Commission will promote plant-based eating, and looks forward to providing further input once the new body is launched.

The screening of What The Health is happening on Thursday 25th May at the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Kangaroo Point, co-hosted by Animal Liberation Qld and Raw Events. The film will be preceded by a mini vegan expo and followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with health experts.

Watch the official What The Health tralier:

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