ALQ Facebook page has been blocked

18 February 2021

What happened?

In response to the new Media Code laws currently going through Parliament in Australia, Facebook removed access to all previous and future posts on many Facebook pages, including Animal Liberation Queensland's Facebook page. Thousands of charities, community service organisations, government and non-government organisations, and essential services have been caught up in the chaos.

Animal rights groups impacted include Australian groups such as Animal Liberation Queensland, Farm Animal Rescue, Farm Transparency Project, Dominion: Documentary, as well as overseas groups blocked to Australian viewers such as Animal Save Movement, Mercy For Animals, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), as well as WWF, HSI, and no doubt many others. 

UPDATE 22/02/2021: Our Page on Facebook has been restored. Note that there are ongoing restrictions on sharing of news content online, including news Pages and links to news articles. 

What other ways can I stay updated?

More information:


Please consider additional support for ALQ and other organisations impacted by this move by Facebook to help us get our messages out through other channels.