Are you sure that's vegan ('pork' and 'bacon')?

There is an ever-increasing amount of meat alternatives available so if you're vegan, or thinking of making the swtich, think of these as your vegan bucket list. You can chomp down on pork-free bites, 'bacon' and even have 'pulled pork' - the best thing? No piggies were harmed in the process. 

Why keep pork of your fork?

Pigs are very social and intelligent animals - in fact, they're even smarter than dogs. However, these sentient beings are treated merely as products in cruel factory farms. Pregnant sows are confined to stalls, where they can't even turn around, for a significant amount of their lives. Piglets are routinely castrated and have their tails cut off, all without anaesthetic, then they spend their entire lives inside until they are considered large enough to be slaughtered.

You can make the compassionate choice to leave pigs off the menu AND you won't miss out on anything! Get your shopping list started with some ideas below - you won't look back.


You could fool anyone with these delicious meat-alternatives. The porkless bites are great in stir frys and the ham style slices can be devoured in yummy wraps or sandwiches. You can find them at The Green Edge, Plant Based Foods and The Cruelty Free Shop.


Photo: Totally Tempeh

Enjoy mouthwatering, bacon-like rashers without the cruelty. Tempeh is is also a healthier option - its versatility will surprise you. You can purchase tempeh pre-marinated in specialty and health food stores or you can support great small businesses like Totally Tempeh.

Head here for a tasty tempeh bacon recipe!


This is fruit as a meat substitute. What? Yep, it's true. Impress the heck out your friends when they realise they're eating this delicious slice of vegan heaven's fruit! Recipe here

MORE 'HAM'....

These are perfect to slap on a sandwich or wrap with all of your favourite fillings. Get them at The Green Edge, Plant Based Foods or The Cruelty Free Shop.

And here's some more reasons why pigs are friends, not food :)