Billboard campaign to ban greyhound racing launches in Brisbane

Brisbane, 7th October 2015 – Animal Liberation Queensland today launched a billboard campaign at Brisbane’s Central Station highlighting the widespread killing, or ‘wastage’, of dogs and puppies in the greyhound racing industry. The billboard, the first part of an ongoing campaign, will educate the public about the true scale of killing in the industry under the tagline “Running late isn’t the end of the world…unless you’re a greyhound”.

Animal Liberation Queensland President, Chay Neal, said “Our footage of live baiting was what got the public’s attention, but the mass killing of greyhounds is also of great concern. Now they’ve admitted to killing up to 17,000 healthy dogs every year. Their own governing body agrees it is ‘indefensible’.

“This industry relies on the overbreeding of dogs to produce a ‘winner’ and most will be killed. It really is appalling. Equally so is the industry’s promotion of the pathetically small number of dogs they rehome via their adoption program”. 

Animal Liberation Queensland and Animals Australia’s investigations into live baiting prompted an exposé on Four Corners in February this year. 

“It’s been seven months since the Four Corners exposé. Australians were horrified by images of possums, piglets and rabbits being tortured by trainers and they continue to be appalled at ongoing evidence of cruelty.

“Inquiries in both Queensland and NSW confirmed industry stakeholders were not only aware of, but routinely ignored, evidence of gross animal cruelty, which prompted the recommended closure of the industry in NSW. 

“As ongoing evidence of collusion and animal cruelty is uncovered nationwide, it is clear that racing profits will always override any obligation to animal welfare. Despite this, it’s ‘business as usual’ for the greyhound racing industry in Australia.

“The government made a lot of big statements in response to the Commission of Inquiry Report findings, however, they have so far failed to enact any real change in the industry to address the serious animal welfare concerns raised.

“As long as this industry continues, greyhounds will be killed by the thousands for gambling profits, which does not sit well with the community. Greyhound racing has lost its social license to continue. We’re calling on the Queensland government to ban greyhound racing.” 

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Location: Platform 6, Central Station, Brisbane City. 

Greyhound Racing Billboard at Brisbane Central Station

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