Boe's story sparks outrage on social media

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Many people have heard of sow stalls, but a little known secret of the industry is boar stalls. Boars are kept in small stalls all their lives, only being released for a brief time for semen collection a couple of times a week.

Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ) and Animal Liberation (AL) recently received disturbing footage from a pig semen collection facility in Brisbane. 

"Footage released to social media yesterday shows the story of Boe. Boe was trapped in a small stall, unable to stand. He was clearly suffering, yet workers appeared to do nothing to alleviate pain or seek treatment. Later, Boe died. His body was dragged out the back of the facility to rot alongside others." said Mr Neal, ALQ Executive Director. 

The footage was released at 5pm yesterday and has already received well over 100,000 views, and hundreds of comments expressing outrage, sadness and disgust at the way the animal was treated. People responded with comments such as "My heart hurts so much. His sweet face wondering what he ever did to deserve such cruelty... humans make me sick.", "Why are we so cruel. No words just tears" and "I will never eat pork again". 

"Prior to releasing the footage, ALQ reported this to authorities - in the hope of saving others like Boe from a similar fate. Despite apparently animal cruelty shown in the vision, to the best of our knowledge, no charges have been laid, and this place continues to operate today."

Further footage from this facility will be released in the coming days. 

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