Greyhound caught on meth banned from race

6th February 2015 

We're often told the illicit drug known as Ice and its broader family of methamphetamine has invaded every facet of our community. From the streets, to the schoolyard - and now to the greyhound track. Greyhound Racing Victoria stewards issued a note on Thursday to explain exactly why a Race 10 contender at Sandown Park was scratched pre-race. Stewards scratched Jubilea Bale at 3:34pm after they were notified by Racing Analytical Services Limited that a post-race urine sample from the dog on January 17 wasn't quite right. The sample was "shown to contain the Permanently Banned Prohibited Substances Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and its metabolites," the stewards report stated.

"Acting in accordance with Greyhounds Australasia Rule (GAR) 79A(3)(a) the greyhound was withdrawn from tonight’s event and pursuant to GAR 79A(3)(b), the greyhound shall be ineligible to be nominated for any further event until such time a sample taken from the greyhound does not breach GAR 79A."

GRV conducted a kennel inspection on Thursday afternoon at the trainer's properties.  "The reserve and control samples are yet to be analysed and (the trainer) was advised of her right to have this performed in the presence of an independent approved analyst nominated by her at Racing Analytical Services Limited."

The dog is trained at Lara, near Geelong.

The stewards report can be found here.

by Jordan Oliver, Newcastle Herald

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