Greyhound racing 2 years on - nothing has changed.

Animal Liberation Qld has today marked the 2 year anniversary of the groundbreaking 4 Corners 'Making a Killing' exposé into the greyhound racing industry. The program aired shocking undercover footage of live baiting, obtained by Animal Liberation Qld and Animals Australia, and revealed the mass-killing of dogs who are deemed unprofitable to the industry.

Animal Liberation Qld President Chay Neal said “While there have been inquiries in most states across the country, there has been no serious reform on the most critical issues affecting greyhounds in the industry.

“We believe there’s a strong possibility that live baiting is still taking place around the state. Even regulators admit they cannot rule this out.

“While 37 people have been charged with animal cruelty offences in Queensland related to live baiting, not one has been sentenced to any jail time. Even Tom Noble, the ‘ringleader’ of live baiting in south-east Queensland got off with a suspended sentence after being charged with 15 counts of serious animal cruelty.

“Several trainers who have been caught on film live baiting have had their charges reduced and are allowed to race again. We have little doubt that live baiting is continuing to take place hidden away on private properties.

“We are also concerned that there is no evidence of any significant reduction in breeding numbers and dogs being killed. One of the key recommendations from the MacSporran Inquiry was to strengthen the OzChase database to track all dogs through their entire lifetime and allow for public access and transparency. We are very disappointed that 2 years on this has still not yet happened.

“Racing deaths at the track have significantly increased in 2016. Official stewards reports recorded 67 deaths in 2016 in Queensland alone (compared to 46 in 2015 and 49 in 2014).

“Despite the unprecedented attention on the industry over the last 2 years, the industry has shown it is not capable of serious reform. We call for the industry to be shut down.” added Mr Neal.

Rallies are being organised in capital cities across the country on 9th April under the theme of "nothing has changed", calling for the industry to be shut down.