Horsielicious demonstration with Coalition to Protect Racehorses

Horsielicious ‘Retirement Plan’ Unveiled!

There was certainly ‘food for thought’ in Brisbane’s CBD today when workers on their lunch breaks came across the very unappetising sight of a ‘butcher’ with his cans of ‘Horsielicious’ horsemeat.

ALQ and CPR joined forces for this stunt to highlight the issue of over-breeding and wastage in Australia’s horse racing industry.  Annually, approximately 18 000 unwanted race horses are killed either for pet meat in Australia or for human consumption in overseas countries.  CPR’s ongoing campaign urges a better alternative: namely for the industry to put just 1% of its betting turnover into retirement schemes for racehorses at the end of their careers.

This stunt was followed up by another well-attended protest against ‘wastage’ at the Magic Millions.  Thanks to ALQ supporters who turned out in force.  Other big demonstrations are in the pipeline for later in the year.

Caboolture, north of Brisbane, is one of two horse abattoirs in Australia; the other is in South Australia.  Younger horses to be killed for human consumption will generally be transported to either of these abattoirs.

For more information, go to http://www.horseracingkills.com/