OPINION: Where do you stand on the greyhound racing debate?

28th October 2014

PLENTY of Sunshine Coast Daily readers have weighed in on the greyhound racing debate but where do you stand? Take a read of what they say and let us know.


IN THIS day of modern technology, computers, iPods, iPads, movies and DVDs, not to mention the beautiful places that our land offers us, and with easy access to same, one must question why it is that we are still seeking entertainment in the form of greyhound racing, horse racing, dog fighting, cockfighting and the likes (Daily, October 14). Why are animals still being used for our entertainment? Have we not evolved enough to move away from these cruel and barbaric activities? Have we taken out the humane within humanity and become void of all feelings when it comes to the number of deaths that are evident through these sports? Are these forms of entertainment not exploitation in its highest degree? The lives of these animals are harsh - so many are mistreated and suffer horrendous injuries, often ending in the loss of their lives. Once they are past their use-by date, they are discarded, abandoned, euthanised or handed over to rescue groups that are already inundated with animals still requiring homes. Why is there such little regard to the welfare of these animals? One can only surmise that greed and profit is the god of those who partake or are involved in this sinister industry.



I READ with concern a letter titled "It's Barbaric" (Daily, October 23). This letter is extremely misleading. The majority of people involved in the greyhound and racing industry love their animals, as do I, and I think linking a thriving industry to the depraved act of dog and cock fighting is drawing a long bow. There are a range of measures in place aimed at protecting the welfare of racing animals. Persons and animals licensed in the greyhound racing code are subject to both the national and local rules of racing developed by Greyhounds Australasia and Racing Queensland (RQ). These rules contain extensive provisions concerning participation in the code and the appropriate treatment of racing animals. This government does not condone any behaviour which puts the success of the industry or the welfare of racing animals at risk. If you have any specific allegations or knowledge of incidents involving animal welfare, I recommend that you make these matters known to the RSPCA and RQ so that the allegations can be investigated. It's also important to note that the Queensland racing industry employs 30,000 people, supports 120 community-based clubs and makes a significant contribution to the Queensland economy.

Qld Minister for Racing


IN-DEPTH research is warranted when discussing the issue of greyhound racing Every year in Australia about 20,000 greyhounds are bred.

About half of those make it to the track and most of them will be destroyed before the age of five, as their careers come to end. Or they suffer an injury. It is estimated that an injury occurs in almost every race, notwithstanding the issue of drug usage. Thousands of greyhounds are exported to China, where most are mistreated and abused, and end up as cuisine. Thousands are sent to universities to be experimented on in veterinary science departments, and many end up at veterinary practices being used as blood donors. Those greyhounds that are surplus will either be shot, euthanised or given to rescue groups, where less than 1% are re-homed. Animal welfare organisations, animal rights groups, various politicians and community members are fighting tooth and nail to end puppy farming, and the greyhound industry is one of Australia's largest group of puppy farmers.




I READ with interest Steve Dickson's letter defending greyhound racing. He states that people in the greyhound and racing industries "love their animals". In another section of your paper on the same day I read that it is estimated that 20,000 greyhounds are euthanised each year if they don't do well at the track. Perhaps Mr Dickson should add "as long as they are winning" to his statement.

Mt Coolum


I WANT to ask Steve Dickson if every greyhound that doesn't make the grade is reported and deregistered to (RQ) and what is to become its final future? Or is a line just drawn through its registration certificate? And please, there is no comparison to a pet.

Sunrise Beach


STEVE Dickson, you ignore the issue raised by Annelies Craig that despite most people being reasonably ethical in their treatment of animals used for "sport", a significant number are brutally cruel. Your defence of it citing charity is a tacit acceptance of the cruelty. Your insensitivity is surprising. Animals are maltreated around Australia. People everywhere are growing increasingly intolerant of animal cruelty, in any form.

Coolum Beach

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