Townsville greyhounds victims of blackmail

“It sounds like the Townsville Greyhound Racing Club is attempting to blackmail Racing Queensland for further funding, threatening the lives of 300 healthy greyhounds”, said Animal Liberation Qld President Mr Chay Neal. 

Townsville Greyhound Racing Club President Gary Heath was quoted in the Townsville Bulletin as stating “If they decide to close it, at a guess, I’d say we’ve got 200 to 300 greyhounds up here. We’d like to think we could find homes for them all, but being realistic, I think a lot of them would have to be put down.”

In response, Mr Neal said “This is yet another example of why this industry should not be allowed to continue. The industry does not see any value in the life of a dog that is not being raced.

“Of course, our concern right now is for the future of these 300 dogs in Townsville. But an end to the industry there would be a positive move, and would spare many future generations of dogs an uncertain fate once they outlive their financial usefulness.

“We have concerns around the huge number of dogs killed throughout Australia every year. This industry has lost its social license, and with good reason. It is time it is wound up.”, added Mr Neal. 

Australia’s greyhound racing industry breeds up to 20,000 greyhounds every year. Around 12,000 are registered to race, with around 8,000 pups all unaccounted for (most of which are likely to he killed). 12,000 greyhounds are retired from the industry each year, but less than 2,000 are rehomed. 

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Chay Neal, President – [email protected]  

Background: Animal Liberation Qld’s undercover investigation into live baiting in the greyhound racing industry in Queensland, featured on 4 Corners on 16th February, has sparked a huge public outcry, an independent inquiry, and a joint police taskforce into the industry. 

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