Photo from a Queensland Piggery, 2013

Two Qld piggeries exposed

Undercover photos and footage from two Queensland piggeries has been released this week:

The footage, provided anonymously to Animal Liberation Qld and forwarded to Aussie Farms, depicts row upon row of pigs trapped in sow stalls and farrowing crates, dead and dying piglets, piglets who have been mutilated without pain relief by employees, and the decapitated head of a piglet in an aisle with no body to be found. The two facilities have been named as Brentwood Piggery, near Dalby, and CEFN Breeder Piggery, near Clifton, the latter being owned by the family of Clifton Shire’s former mayor, Ian Jones.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister John McVeigh said in a media release today that “Just like people, animals deserve to have a happy, healthy life.” It would seem he wasn't thinking of these pigs when he made this statement. Why not let him know what you think?

View undercover footage:

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"Just like people, animals deserve to have a happy healthy life."