You can bank on excessive greyhound puppy breeding

1st September 2014

Animal Liberation Queensland [ALQ] is extremely disappointed that Bendigo Bank sponsored the Ipswich Greyhound Puppy Auction last Sunday 24 August at Ipswich Showgrounds. 

Whilst, on the one hand, the Bendigo Bank commendably supports homeless animal adoption, it is showing quite inconsistent ethics in its support of the greyhound racing industry which is directly responsible for the overbreeding and the subsequent “wastage” of some 17,000 dogs each year in Australia.  

Proudly displayed on the Bendigo Bank and Ipswich Greyhound Puppy Auction catalogue were the words ‘149 lots’, referring to the 149 puppies for sale.  ALQ volunteers who attended the puppy auction report that the puppies were indeed just a commodity, secured in cramped cages to be auctioned to the highest bidder. 

Ms Hayley Cotton, ALQ spokesperson says “this auction represents a broader nation-wide problem of excessive and poorly regulated puppy breeding. These greyhound pups are not protected by transparent and reliable tracking systems and, as a result, their welfare is at risk. Many of these pups’ lives will be marred by injury and confinement and many will be killed when they underperform or simply become surplus.”

Ms Cotton adds “the negative social impacts associated with gambling are very high and therefore Bendigo Bank’s continued support of greyhound racing does not reflect good corporate social responsibility.”

“It is very concerning that Bendigo Bank is associating itself with this socially unacceptable greyhound racing. The industry has reported that significant prize money increases, the future Logan greyhound facility at Cronulla Park, and increased breeders’ bonuses were all factors that lead to the increase in sales at this year’s auction. The current government is encouraging excessive breeding and propping up this unprofitable industry with over $12 million of taxpayers’ money plus incentives worth over $1million each year.”

Bendigo Bank is an industry leader in its promotion of sustainable living, empowering communities and socially responsible products. Animal Liberation Queensland calls on Bendigo Bank to cease sponsorship of socially unacceptable greyhound racing due to its inherent animal welfare concerns.


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