Ditch Dairy

UPDATE: The Ditch Dairy web site was live throughout 2015-2020 at ditchdairy.com.au.

We ran radio Ditch Dairy radio ads on Brisbane HIT105 radio during peak times during October 2015. 




ALQ was nominated in the Voiceless People's Choice Awards in September 2014.

With Australian consumers still largely unaware of the inherent cruelty of the dairy industry, Animal Liberation Qld is keen to launch its Ditch Dairy campaign, featuring anti-dairy radio and cinema advertising. A dedicated Ditch Dairy website and aligned social media and print materials will be developed so our audience better understands issues such as the short, sad lives of bobby calves, and the annual cycle of birth and grieving that dairy mothers must endure.  A Ditch Dairy e-recipe book is planned so consumers will discover just how easy it is to swap dairy for delicious, healthy and kind non-dairy alternatives.

We are pleased to announce that we were successful in winning the grant from the 2014 Voiceless People's Choice Awards. We expect our ads to hit the airwaves in late 2015.