Queensland feedlot drone photo. Caption reads 'One feedlot, mass cruelty.'

Feedlot Exposed

This video clip contains anonymously provided photos and videos from a Queensland feedlot.

An industry whistle-blower reported: 

- Widespread preventable deaths, particularly with calves. 
- No shade or protection from elements, at all.
- Cattle suffered in heatwaves and were so weak, they were unable to reach water, and slowly died.
- Dead cattle left decaying in paddocks.
- Sick cattle left untreated in pens.
- Excessive use of jiggers leading to leg breaks.

This is not a rogue operator. You will find scenes like this throughout the beef industry.

This is the reality - not the lush green fields and loving care that is portrayed by the industry. This is Australian Beef. Do you support cruelty?

Learn more about the Australian beef industry at BEEF.org.au.