Horse Racing - The Racing Industry's Darkest Secret Exposed

Dark side of horse racing exposed

26 October 2020

A new documentary film and report just released by the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, in collaboration with Animal Liberation Queensland and Animal Liberation, reveals the true number of racehorses sent to slaughter every year.

In October 2019 ABC's 7:30 program highlighted the routine slaughter of racehorses once they are disposed of, creating shockwaves across Australia and the world. Their brutal retirement plan for horses had finally been exposed. However, 7:30 did not cover the full story - the routine abuse of horses before and during racing and how undercover video surveillance was used to gather data on the true number of racehorses sent to slaughter.

Through this short film, we will expose the reality of the day to day life of horses used for racing, we will go deeper into the horrors of the slaughter investigation and take a look, one year on, at where things stand for them now.

Watch the 38-minute documentary here:

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On 17th October 2019 ABC 7.30 report exposed the dark side of horse racing to the nation.

Watch the 7.30 Report here.

Then, on 29th June 2020 Aussie Farms release undercover footage showing the fate of ex-racehorses at NSW knackeries.

Thousands of racehorses end up at knackeries and abattoirs around the country every year. 

The NSW regulator has failed to enforce its rule that all NSW racehorses are to be rehomed, and it has also been revealed that they have misled the public and that they knew this was happening. 

Our colleagues at the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) have been central to this investigation and have been campaining on this issue for years.

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A new microsite has also been launched to target sponsors of horse racing.

Take action to contact sponsors here:

The Australian Greens are also calling for a Royal Commission to protect horses and hold the industry to account. 

Sign The Greens petition for a Royal Commission here. 

Animal Liberation Qld regularly hold protests outside the Magic Millions at the Gold Coast in January, and outside Eagle Farm Racecourse in November for Melbourne Cup Day. You can also keep an eye on our events list for upcoming protests and events as well as Coalition for Protection of Racehorses rallies & events list at CPR's page here & Nup to the Cup events in November.