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A VEGAN climate change billboard has been rejected by Queensland Rail allegedly because it “blames the agriculture industry for climate change”.

ANIMAL Liberation Queensland claim a racehorse listed as 'active' by Racing Australia is among one of the eight surviving horses on a Toowoomba region property.

The animal rights group also claims to have identified five racehorses out of the 22 horses found dead.

The Federal government is threatening to ‘legislate and lock-up’ anyone who incites criminal activity against farmers. Privacy laws have been changed too, threatening fines up to 420- thousand-dollars for breaches of the act. But will this change the tactics of vegan activists? Kerry speaks to...

By Andrea Macleod, Redlands Community News

AS A vegan and having been a vegetarian previously for 30 years, I find myself in a deeply depressed state. Perhaps, and although I have not been involved in the protests, my thoughts are indeed “militant” by the new government...

Channel 7 TV news coverage of our rodeo protest at Eatons Hill Rodeo on 6 April.

A Darling Downs feedlot defends its animal welfare standards after photos emerge of dead stock at the facility;

The interview with Chay Neal from ALQ is near the beginning and goes through to 10:35. 

6th Feb 2018 

FORMING a blockade of signs that read 'stop killing animals' metres from the front grill of a B-double truck, animal activists stopped a truck full of cattle from entering a meatworks.

28th October 2014

PLENTY of Sunshine Coast Daily readers have weighed in on the greyhound racing debate but where do you stand? Take a read of what they say and let us know.


11th October 2014

More than 200 people gathered at Cronulla Park, Slacks Creek, in opposition to the planned greyhound racing track and to raise awareness of the vast animal welfare issues in the indsutry.