LL & Sons 400,000 bird chicken farm, 49 Court Avenue and Stone Gully Road, Brightview  
It's been over 8 months since the Depar
Multiple incidents of horses and bulls being painfully electric prodded at rodeos have been documented by Animal Liberation Queensland volunteers. This is disgraceful treatment of animals and it is extremely disappointing that despite many cruelty complaints over the past two years, there have been...
Giving Tuesday 2022 We have been working hard over the last couple of years, launching major campaigns against big industries, to expose the truth and create awareness about a kinder world.
Mort and Co are seeking approval to build what would be the largest feedlot in Central Queensland in Gogango,  around 50km southwest of Rockhampton. They are proposing to spray the effluent (raw sewage from the feedlot pens) right onto the banks of the Fitzroy River. The entire effluent utilisation...
19 August 2022 As the Australian 'pork' industry is preparing to celebrate at the Kingaroy BaconFest this weekend, we will be shining a light on the animal welfare, environmental and human health impacts that the industry won't be talking about.
There is a new development application currently with the Bundaberg Regional Council for a puppy farm which would allow the applicants to keep up to 100 Chihuahuas (49 breeding dogs) at a time.
Drawn: Friday 6 May 2022 @ ALQ Office, Annerley Congratulations to the lucky winner: K Watson (ticket Pink R 19) Prize Pack: 
20 April 2022 Five dogs have been killed at the Ipswich Showgrounds track this year. Three of those deaths were in just four days 20-23 March 2022: