September 2020 Sunnynook Farms plans to expand its piggery in South Burnett to house nearly 30,000 pigs, just 1.5 km from a local primary school.
September 2020 UPDATE: This event is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets! For anyone who missed out, please keep an eye on the Facebook event page where we will put up a notice in the event of anyone having to cancel their ticket and a ticket then becoming available.
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After dozens of horses on one property have been left to slowly starve to death, we raised concerns over the remaining horses and pushed for animal cruelty charges to be laid. In August it was finally announced that the man responsible was being charged with animal cruelty. It is unclear whether...
Despite no evidence that they contribute to swimmer safety, Queensland uses shark nets and drumlines as part of its shark control program.
Animal Liberation Qld shop in Annerley Arcade
Now that COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are starting to be lifted we will be reopening our shop in the Annerley Arcade every Friday and Saturday 9am-2pm from 5th & 6th June.  We are open: 
Bike - Mother's Day Raffle Prize
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Greyhound Racing Protest at Ipswich - Feb 2020
In October 2019 the Queensland government announced its support for a new $39 million greyhound racing track at Ipswich - the Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre. Construction is expected to start in 2022 with first races to be held by the end of 2023 if this track goes ahead.
In stark contradiction to the new restrictions passed down by the federal government, the racing industry has been allowed to continue, despite new social distancing laws.
Chay at Qld LACSC public hearing
Over recent months governments have proposed a range of laws to target activists who seek to expose animal cruelty and educate the public. These laws have been proposed by the federal government as well as at the state level by several state governments.