Animal agriculture and climate change
Do you want a better future for animals? And a better future for the world and our children? Then the People’s Climate March is for you! 
  Pigs are often considered dirty and lazy but people who know them compare them to dogs because they are friendly and loyal. Winston Churchill once said "pigs treat us as equals". 
Think you can’t live without milk, cheese or ice cream?  The good news is that you don’t have to!  Dairy-free alternatives for these foods and many more are now readily available for compassionate shoppers.
Animal Liberation Queensland has today launched its Ditch Dairy campaign. Radio ads are playing in high rotation for the next two weeks on popular Brisbane radio station Hit105.
UPDATE: On 7 July 2016, the NSW government announced greyhound racing would be banned in the state by 1 July 2017 (see announcement here). 
Close Canidrome Greyhound Racing Track in Macau
Australian greyhounds, shockingly, are live exported to China to race in Macau, the only place in Asia with a greyhound track. When not racing, the dogs live in small cages onsite. Even more ghastly is the fact that not a single Australian dog sent to Macau comes out alive at the end of their...
Queensland, we’ve got your vegan sweet treats covered*. Dessert lovers, you don’t need dairy (or eggs) to make these sweet treats taste awesome. Who said vegan food was boring and taste-free? Being vegan (and enjoying sweets, in moderation of course…wink) has never been easier and no animals are...
Up to 20 Kangaroos have already been killed with more to follow! 
Sharks, once again, are getting a bad rap. It goes without saying that we're relieved that Mick Fanning was unharmed. However, the sensationalised reporting of a 'shark attack' - with Jaws analogies resurfacing - is not ok.