Animal agriculture and climate change

People's Climate March

Do you want a better future for animals? And a better future for the world and our children? Then the People’s Climate March is for you! 

The animal agriculture industry is one of the greatest contributors to climate change and environmental destruction on the planet

As world leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations climate talks, thousands of Australians will join in to walk alongside millions in solidarity all around the world. This is something important that we all need to be a part of.

Climate change threatens the livelihoods of all living creatures. Together we can make a difference for animals, people and the environment.


Join us on Saturday! 
People's Climate March - Brisbane

9.30am-12noon, Saturday 28 November 2015

Where to meet: 
The rally takes place at Queen's Park, George Street, Brisbane CBD
Meet at 9.30am on the day at the location marked by the purple star on this map:

Climate March - Animal protection bloc meeting point

For Google Maps exact location, see map here:

Find other locations around Australia:

Why: It's time to make a stand on climate change, and remind the world of one of the greatest contributors to climate change: animal agriculture. 

What to expect: 
Be a part of the world's biggest climate mobilisation. Join thousands of others to hear from some amazing speakers, a march around Brisbane, followed by music afterwards.  

What to wear:
We're encouraging supporters to wear green. If you don’t have something green, a black animal rights / organisation t-shirt is another great option. Creative costumes are encouraged. A limited number of animal face masks will be available on the day (though feel free to make your own).

Should I bring a sign?
Of course! Think of a message that puts the spotlight on animal agriculture and the damage it does to the environment. Eating animals is not only cruel and unnecessary, it’s completely unsustainable – and your sign can say so. We just ask you don’t use statistics as they can be subjective or relate to specific regions rather than being global. We would encourage something less specific but credible such as ‘Animal Agriculture is more responsible for climate change than all forms of transportation combined!

What to bring:

  • Hat, water, sunscreen, and umbrella/jacket in case of rain
  • A banner/sign (see above)
  • Wear your green t-shirt if possible (otherwise black, or in costume - see above)
  • Friends and family - the more the merrier!
  • Your smile and enthusiasm.


Spread the word

Invite your friends to the official Facebook event for the Brisbane march.

Spread the word on social media about the impact of animal agriculture, and share our posts.


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