Pet shop lies exposed

This tiny puppy was born at a dreadful breeding facility. He was then sold for hundreds of dollars at a pet shop that denies sourcing puppies from substandard breeders. It is wrong, but not illegal.

Puppy farm deception

Puppies shouldn't equal profits. 

Video footage provided to Animal Liberation Qld shows a breeder out at Roma supplying to a Brisbane pet store despite being against what the pet shop tells people and the policy on their website. 

[Above: From Puppy Farm to Pet Shop from Animal Liberation Queensland on Vimeo.]

The Queensland Government promised to stop cruel puppy farms in Queensland. Unfortunately, their new legislation fails to keep their promise. Pet shops will still be able to sell dogs from 'substandard breeders' and breeders like the one shown in the video will likely still be able to operate, outside of the reach of local councils. (Read more about our concerns here.)

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