Qld Puppy Farm Submissions Closing Soon

The Queensland Government recently announced a Bill (Animal Management (Protecting Puppies) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016) to protect dogs and puppies in this state. While some of the proposed changes are very welcome, the legislation falls well short of what we believe is really needed to protect these animals and put a stop to puppy farming. Read more...

Make a submission

Please make a submission by 9 March 2016.

To make a submission, send an email to: [email protected]

If you wish to copy and paste from our submission template as a guide to start from, you can download our template as a Text file or PDF here

We encourage you to write in your own words, and include the following key points:

  • Standards and guidelines must include: mandatory regular health checks for breeding dogs and all puppies before sale; capping litter numbers per breeding female to a maximum of 3; mandatory desexing for puppies sold and retired breeding dogs, as well as rehoming program; adequate housing/space, exercise, enrichment allowing for normal behaviours, as well as regular human contact; mandatory record keeping; and capping total number of breeding dogs on any property to a maximum of 10. Note: all dogs need to be covered by these regulations, and no parties should be exempt of them (e.g. working or racing dogs).

  • The legislation should cover all dogs (no exemptions for working dogs, for example).

  • Anyone guilty of animal welfare offences, including having unregistered breeding animals, should have their permit revoked (including the associated property), strong financial penalty to act as deterant, and animals seized.

  • Additional resources need to be made available to the RSPCA Qld or/and Queensland Police to investigate and enforce these animal welfare laws. 

  • The sale of pets in pet shops should be banned (unless sourced from reputable shelters/rescue groups)

See further details...

Submissions should be:

  • Be factual, concise, polite, respectful;
  • Use references or speak about your own;
  • Non-confidential; (Submissions are generally published online, including your name, but your contact details will be removed. If you want to make a confidential submission, you should contact the Committee first.) 
  • As short or as long as you like, but keeping it short and concise is generally best. If you have additional information to send through which is relevant, then include it as an appendix. 

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