Qld Election 2020 - How the parties rate

Qld election 2020 scorecard


Responses to our policy questionnaire

Only the Animal Justice Party, The Greens and Labor responded to our short questionnaire regarding key animal protection issues that ALQ has been campaigning on over the last 12 months. Ratings for LNP have been filled in from public comments, previously written responses, public policy statements, and their past track record. We also wrote to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and United Australia Party but received no response. As both parties don't even have an animal welfare policy, it was not possible to complete the scorecard ratings.

You can find full responses to our questions from AJP, Greens, and Labor here:


About ALQ

Animal Liberation Queensland is a politically independent charity and we do not endorse any party or candidate. We provide this information to help voters better understand where parties stand on important animal protection issues in the lead up to the 2020 Queensland election.

ALQ advocates for an end to rodeos, puppy farming, greyhound racing and animal agriculture altogether. The scorecard above is based on responses to key policy questions that represent realistic actions that we ask the government to take immediately while we work toward a broader ban or phase-out of animal industries in the longer term.

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For questions, feedback, or corrections in regard to this scorecard please contact us at [email protected]


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How to Vote

The Queensland Election is on Saturday 31 October. Please refer to the Queensland Electoral Commission for more information about voting options and locations here.

Note that in the Queensland election we have ‘full preferential voting’ which means you must number every box on the ballot paper - starting at 1 (your most preferred candidate). In this way, votes for minor parties are not wasted and are not directed by someone else.