Rodeo Billboard Censored

New Rodeo Billboard Censored

Calf roping is the cruellest rodeo sport and our first billboard design, using images from a Qld rodeo, was even judged too violent to be shown. But it’s the sport itself that is too violent! It’s definitely time to ban calf roping in Qld, just like it is in Victoria and South Australia. Please take action by using our easy template to send a message to the Qld Government that you want it banned too.

Original billboards - deemed too violent to show

The above designs show the three stages of the calf roping event: (1) roping the calf around his neck while he is running away at top speed; (2) picking the calf up and slamming him back down on his side, and (3) tying his legs together so he is immobile. Only the image of a tied calf was deemed acceptable to a general audience, obliging us to create the censored versions shown below.

Censored billboards



The billboard site is at the Five Ways junction in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, estimated to be seen by 10% of Brisbane's population every week. This digital board rotates through six ads per minute, so ours will be seen for ten seconds per minute. You can see a live stream of the billboard here.

We have issued a media release to highlight that an event considered too violent to show on a billboard should not be a legal form of entertainment.

Take action to end calf roping here: