Signium Piggery (NSW) Horror Exposed

Animal Liberation Qld together with Animal Liberation (NSW) has today released anonymously obtained undercover footage from Signium Piggery in northern NSW.

The released video, which includes hidden camera footage obtained between July & August 2019, shows:

  • An extreme rat infestation
  • Decomposing corpses being eaten by rats
  • Floor and food troughs covered in rat faeces, being eaten by pigs and piglets
  • Bodies of pigs being left outside completely exposed
  • Sows and boars confined to tiny stalls who are only let out for mating purposes 
  • Pigs being hit, sat on, kicked and poked with metal poles and cattle prods for not complying.

Meanwhile, state governments in both Queensland, New South Wales and other states around Australia are cracking down on animal activists accusing them of posing a "biosecurity risk". Read more about proposed ag-gag laws here.

The government is unable to point to even one single case of an actual biosecurity issue caused by an activist. Yet they also turn a blind eye to what happens on factory farms. Do these look like clean biosecure environments to you?

When animal cruelty is committed to farmed animals it is routinely ignored. Even when very clear breaches of the law are uncovered by whistleblowers or brave activists, the authorities almost never prosecute this cruelty. 

We are demanding an independent office for animal welfare - as it is clear that the Department of Agriculture (or Department of Primary Industries in some states) is not capable of enforcing even the incredible weak animal welfare laws we have. 
Sign the petition to demand an Independent Office of Animal Welfare here:

Please also urge your state MP to condemn the attacks on animal rights activists, reject any legislation which seeks to hide the truth from public scrutiny, and instead urge them to take action to increase transparency of these farms and prosecute animal cruelty.  You can use our email template below to email your MP (in Queensland). If you live interstate, the form will email the Qld Minsiter for Agriculture. 

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