STOP the Windera Piggery

Stop the Mcantee Road Piggery Expansion

The South Burnett Regional Council is currently accepting public submissions regarding the expansion of a piggery operation in Windera which would see a new piggery being built for over 27,000 pigs. This will have a detrimental impact on the environment, the local ecosystem, as well as result in the confinement and suffering (and ultimately, the slaughter) of tens of thousands of animals every year.

This development would involve the clearing of land near prime habitat for koalas, the runoff of effluent through regulated vegetation and into waterways, and completely unsustainable water usage. It will also have a huge impact on the local residents through odour and poor air quality, runoff, and the degradation of roads.

Please take a moment to send a submission to reject this development. Submissions are being accepted until the 25th of February.

Note: By completing the form below, this will be considered by the council as a submission and may be published by the council, including your contact details entered below.


UPDATE 26/2/22: Submissions closed 25 February 2022. Thank you to the more than 2500 of you who made a submission to the council opposing this piggery. Please join our email list or keep an eye on our social media or this page for updates.