Stop Sunnynook Piggery Expansion

September 2020

Sunnynook Farms plans to expand its piggery in South Burnett to house nearly 30,000 pigs, just 1.5 km from a local primary school.

The effluent is to be spread over the surrounding area, falling only meters from the school building. Trucks transporting pigs in and out, as well as feed trucks will drive straight past the school, resulting in a huge increase in both noise and odour.

Aside from the obvious animal welfare concerns, the human health implications that arise from close proximity to piggeries are well documented, and the commercial benefits of a few should not outweigh the health and wellbeing of young children, or the lives of animals.

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Update 17/9/20: Despite hundreds of emails from our supporters, as well as a submission from the Department of Education opposing the expansion, the council voted unanimously to approve the piggery expansion on 16th Septemeber 2020.

Thank you to everyone who took action. We will continue to monitor for new or expanding factory farms and provide opportunities to take action.