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‘Active’ racehorse among those emaciated on property

ANIMAL Liberation Queensland claim a racehorse listed as 'active' by Racing Australia is among one of the eight surviving horses on a Toowoomba region property.

The animal rights group also claims to have identified five racehorses out of the 22 horses found dead.

They said one was still listed as 'active', two were listed as retired, and two were listed as deceased as of January 20.

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Horse and bull killed at Quamby Rodeo (north Qld)

  • Two deaths at Quamby rodeo
  • A bucking horse was killed following a leg break
  • Bull suffered broken leg and also killed during open bull riding event

"Tragically, two animals lost their lives at Saturday's Quamby rodeo." said Mr Chay Neal, Animal Liberation Qld Executive Director.

"During a bucking event in the morning a horse suffered a broken leg and was subsequently killed on site and taken away in a front end loader.

"Rodeo organisers responded by asking not to film because 'we don't need photos of that on Facebook'. 

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