Qld government ignores animals cruelty

On Friday 31 May, more than 100 concerned Queenslanders gathered outside the Queensland government offices to demand justice for animal cruelty that has for too long been ignored by the government.

Sadly, animal cruelty complaints that relate to farmed animals are almost never prosecuted. The case of Boe and the other boars at the Wacol pig semen collection facility being one of the most recent examples.

Please take a moment to email the Queensland Minister for Agriculture with your concerns. Text below is a suggestion only, and we recommend editing the text and subject line to put into your own words to maximise impact.

Call the Premier & Minister for Agriculture

Call the Premier: (07) 3719 7000
Call the Minister: (07) 3719 7420
Let them know you are concerned about farmed animal cruelty not being taken seriously in Queensland. You could ask them one or two of the questions from the sample email below and ask for a call back if they can't give you an answer. 

For maximum impact, we recommend calling their office and sending an email (using the form below). 

Take Action Now!

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