BACON.ORG.AU Campaign Launched

19 August 2022

As the Australian 'pork' industry is preparing to celebrate at the Kingaroy BaconFest this weekend, we will be shining a light on the animal welfare, environmental and human health impacts that the industry won't be talking about.

This industry operates behind a veil of secrecy, with barely any scrutiny from authorities. Our newest website, BACON.ORG.AU, looks at the harsh realities  - factory farms, painful mutilations, confinement, huge death rates, gas chambers, rotting carcasses, biosecurity issues, antibiotic resistance, diseases, odour, and pollution.

Over the last ten months, our team has travelled extensively across Queensland - Australia's largest 'pork producing' state, to document the sad realities of Australian pig farming. As well as heartbreaking animal suffering, we were shocked to discover improper mortality management at almost half of the 44 piggeries we visited, causing serious biosecurity risks for all Australians.

We have also compiled a 40-page industry report, which outlines the animal welfare, human health and environmental harms that this self-regulated industry is responsible for. 

Read the report, watch the videos, and take action at: BACON.ORG.AU