Our current campaigns include:

  • Factory Farming - Exposing animal cruelty in intensive farming, educating consumers, and advocating for an end to factory farming and a push toward veganism.  
  • Veganism - Promoting veganism as the most ethical and sustainable lifestyle choice and exposing the truth behind animal food production in Australia.
  • Brisbane Animal Save - part of the international Save Movement, in which compassionate people come together to hold regular peaceful vigils outside slaughterhouses.
  • Greyhound Racing - Exposing animal cruelty by the greyhound racing industry and advocating for no new greyhound racing tracks. 
  • Rodeos - As well as documenting and exposing cruelty at rodeos throughout Qld, we're also pushing for a complete ban on calf roping.
  • Ditch Dairy - Closely linked to our Veganism campaign, is our campaign encouraging consumers to ditch dairy.
  • Animal Experiments - Educating the community on issues related to animal experiments. 
  • Chicken Hatching - Educating schools and child care centers about the often harsh realities of chicken hatching programs and lobbying the state government to enforce a mandatory Code of Practice in relation to animals used in teaching.
  • Petting Zoos - Educating the community and advocating for an end to petting zoos. 

We are also actively involved in a number of other issues in Queensland, including:

  • Horse Racing - Exposing the cruelty and killing of ex-racehorses in the horse racing industry. We work in collaboration with our friends at Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.
  • Puppy Farms - Exposing the cruel factory farming of puppies to meet the pet market.
  • Circuses - Pushing for a ban on animal circuses in Queensland.
  • Flying Foxes - We continue to push for an end to "damage mitigation permits" used to shoot or disperse flying fox populations. 
  • 1080 Poison - We support the Coalition against 1080 bait in Australia
  • Live animal export Supporting campaigns to end live export. 

You can read more about other issues on our Factsheets page.