BEEF.ORG.AU campaign launched

2 May 2021

Animal Liberation Qld has today launched a new campaign to highlight the enormous impacts on animals and the environment of Australia's beef industry.

Timed to coincide with the industry's flagship event - the Beef Australia expo - in Rockhampton, the campaign seeks to uncover the truth and educate consumers around the realities of 'beef'. 

Alongside the new website, BEEF.ORG.AU, we have published a 40-page report that covers the environmental and animal welfare impacts of the beef industry. The website also includes a petition and videos that tell some of the animal's stories.  

On Monday morning we also launched billboards in central Rockhampton CBD (just down the road from the 'Beef Week' event), as well as the massive 'Valley Iconic' site in Brisbane at the Fortitude Valley 5-ways. The billboards will remain up all week. billboard in Brisbane billboard in Rockhampton during Beef Week

Above (left): ALQ's BEEF.ORG.AU billboard at Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.     Above (right): ALQ's BEEF.ORG.AU billboard at Rockhampton, Qld, during the industry's 'Beef Week' event.

On Thursday 6 May we released a 5 minute video that summarises our key concerns with the beef industry. Please watch and share.



We also held a press conference in Rockhampton and simultaneous action in Brisbane. We have received significant media exposure from the campaign - including 80+ media articles across the country, online, print, TV, and radio; and even international coverage - and we successfully got the attention of political leaders and industry. We will be further engaging with industry and government over the coming weeks and months. 

For consumers, the choice is easy - by moving toward a vegan diet we can spare millions of animals as well as the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Take the Vegan4Life Challenge here

We will have further updates throughout the week - keep an eye on social media for more info - and join the conversation! 

Stay tuned for next steps of this campaign!