Fabienne Costa, ALQ Ambassador

Animal Liberation Qld's new greyhound ambassador!

ALQ is pleased to announce that Fabienne Costa, Director of Yourcorelight & Creative Designer of YCL Jewels, is partnering with ALQ as the ambassador for our 2014 Greyhound campaign. We are delighted to have Fabienne and her gorgeous rescued Greyhound, Atlas on board and we hope you can all help us make this campaign a success throughout the year.

To find out more about Yorecorelight and YCL Jewels visit www.yourcorelight.com


Introducing 12 month old Atlas... 

Atlas was born into the harsh world that is Greyhound Racing. His mother was also a racing dog and when the litter was born, the trainer decided that they didn’t ‘want’ puppies and therefore deemed it ‘okay’ to drown her large litter. We are led to believe that this is a common practice for unwanted puppies or those that are deemed to be unsuitable for racing by those in the industry. The daughter of this trainer couldn’t bare to see something so cruel happen to the puppies and called Greyhound Rescue in Sydney. They were rescued and at 8 weeks of age, Atlas was adopted by Fabienne and her partner, who both describe Atlas as “their light and their love!”