More Gambling for Logan “The Pokie Capital” under Qld Government Plan

27th March 2014

Animal Liberation Qld is alarmed at the announcement last weekend by Queensland Racing Minister, Steve Dickson, giving the go ahead to the new greyhound racing track at Cronulla Park, Logan. 

In response, the animal rights group has started an e-petition with the State Parliament which has already attracted signatures from more than 850 Queenslanders in the first week. The petition calls for the proposed greyhound racing facility to be canned in favour of a more community friendly and culturally inclusive centre that will support healthy lifestyles instead of a facility promoting gambling in a known problem gambling area. Rescue groups are also furious at the plans. In response, ‘Gone Are The Dogs’ a greyhound advocacy group has secured a billboard on the M1 at Logan which reads “Killing greyhounds for gambling is not okay”.

“Logan is already considered the ‘pokie capital of Queensland’ and suffering from significant economic disadvantage with gambling revenue relying heavily on gambling addicts’ losses.” said Ms Cotton, Animal Liberation Qld spokesperson. “Minister Dickson astonishingly claims ‘we know the industry is important for Queensland economy,’ yet research shows the effects of gambling are worse in disadvantaged areas with Logan in the top 10 Australia wide.

“Even more incredulous is Logan’s Deputy Mayor Cr Lutton’s comment that greyhound racing will ‘increase productivity in the Logan community’ even though the Productivity Commission Inquiry states the benefits of gambling ‘are in part from financial losses.’

“The greyhound industry is responsible for the excessive breeding of an estimated 20,000 greyhound dogs each year and also for the deaths of 17,000 of these dogs each year. The recent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Greyhound racing heard numerous reports of serious animal welfare issues, doping, corruption and lack of transparency, all of which are understood to be commonplace in the industry. The new track will promote yet more over breeding and subsequent killing. “Greyhound racing is described by industry supporters as ‘quality entertainment’ yet evidence shows it is economically unviable, socially irresponsible, cruel and wasteful.

“We call again on the Queensland Government to put a halt to the new track at Cronulla Park and to stop wasting taxpayers’ money. We will be fighting against this proposal every step of the way.”