Queensland Government to spend millions promoting gambling

16th March 2014

Animal Liberation Qld is outraged at last night’s announcement by Queensland Racing Minister Steve Dickson, giving the green light to a new greyhound racing track at Cronulla Park, Logan.

“This is extremely disappointing news. Millions of tax payer dollars are going to be spent on expanding an industry with serious animal welfare issues, as well as economic and social concerns.” said Animal Liberation Qld spokesperson Hayley Cotton. 
“Minister Dickson has confirmed that the $12 million track at Cronulla Park will begin construction in May, as part of a $110 million taxpayer subsidy to the racing industry. Minister Dickson also announced $1.2 million per annum for appearance fees for greyhound trainers”.

“Logan is already considered the ‘pokie capital of Queensland’ and suffering significant economic disadvantage. How is yet another source of gambling in this known problem gambling area of Queensland showing responsible government? There hasn’t even been a Social Impact Assessment required prior to approving this development. And how is a tax payer funded gambling venue a good thing for the economy?”

Animal Liberation Qld also has concerns for the estimated 20,000 dogs bred each year for the racing industry in Australia, only a very small percentage of which is rehomed. 

“The greyhound industry is responsible for the deaths of 17,000 dogs each year. An estimated 35% of greyhounds bred won’t make the cut, and will be killed before they are raced.” said Ms Cotton.
 “The recent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry heard numerous reports of very serious animal welfare issues and we understand these issues to be common throughout the industry in Australia”.
“We call on the Queensland Government to put a halt to plans for a new track at Cronulla Park, and to stop wasting tax payer money on a declining industry whose profits rely on gambling and have inherent animal welfare issues.”