Don't let Logan go to the dogs

The Queensland government has allocated $12 million to a new greyhound track at Cronulla Park, Logan, south of Brisbane, and the Racing Minister also announced an annual $1.2 million investment in appearance fees to reward trainers who race greyhounds in Queensland.

UPDATE: On 7 February 2017, the Queensland Government formally announced that the Logan greyhound racing track project has been scrapped.

Earlier update: On 22nd March 2015, the Queensland Minister for Racing, Bill Byrne, announced that construction of the Logan track has been put on hold, pending outcome of the greyhound racing inquiry. 

Former Qld Racing Minister, Steve Dickson, announced on 15 March, 2014 that the long-mooted greyhound track at Cronulla Park, Slacks Creek, would commence construction in May 2014, delivering on the Newman Government’s election promise to rejuvenate the racing industry in Queensland. Minister Dickson said the one turn track development was of pivotal importance to the future of the greyhound industry.” The project will be funded through the Newman Government’s $110 million Racing Industry Capital Development Scheme,” Mr Dickson said. He also announced a $1.2 million annual investment in appearance fees to reward trainers who race greyhounds in Queensland. More information is available in the Queensland Government Media Statement: ‘New greyhound racing track at Logan gets green light‘.

However, Logan City Council Mayor, Pam Parker, and six other Logan councillors are now opposing the track on the grounds that more gambling is bad for the image of the city.  

Animal Liberation Qld's opposition to the track is based primarily on animal exploitation concerns, as an estimated 17,000 greyhounds are killed annually in Australia. Industry-driven adoption programs are minimal so most failed racers are seen as 'wastage' to be disposed of. This is unacceptable so any proposed expansion of this over-breeding, dog-killing industry must be fought.  We also recognise the negative impact that more gambling opportunities will have on the Logan community already struggling with high problem gambling rates. Further objections include $12 million of tax payers' money set aside for this exploitative industry. 

Some conflicts and inconsistencies to ponder:

  • Logan's Deputy Mayor, Russell Lutton has been busily promoting the Cronulla Park approval and dismisses outright the concerns of the Mayor and opposing councillors.  However, Cr Lutton races greyhounds himself so his support for the track must be seen in the light of that knowledge.  He has publicly stated he wants one of his dogs to win the first race at Cronulla Park.
  • Cr Graham Able also favours the track.  However, back in 2011 in his role of Animals and City Standards Committee Chairperson, he spoke about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the long-term responsibilities that come with ownership of animals.  The greyhound racing industry certainly does not take these lifelong repsonsibilities seriously, so his support for the new greyhound track demonstrates his own inconsistent values towards animal welfare.

We do not want our tax-paying dollars funding this. We do not want to see more greyhounds killed due to this new development in Logan.

Spending public money on greyhound racing is an irresponsible use of taxpayers' dollars in a state that is already suffering significant economic problems.  There are far more appropriate ways to spend tax dollars, for example health care, education, roads and infrastructure.


Killing dogs for gambling is NOT Okay. Greyhounds need YOUR Help.

  • We recently lodged a petition with the Queensland Parliament (3265 signatures) as well as Logan City Council (2735 signatures).
  • Animal Liberation are looking at all avenues to stop this track. 
  • Please write a letter to the Minister for Racing, Mr Bill Byrne. A short email saying that you oppose the track is fine.
  • You can download our greyhound brochure here (PDF - 461 kb).