Animal rights activists hope peaceful protest will stop a greyhound racing track in Logan

9th October 2014

ANIMAL rights activists are calling for plans to build a greyhound racing facility in Logan to be quashed.

More than 150 people are expected to attend a peaceful demonstration at Cornulla Park in Slacks Creek on Saturday, which is being organised by a number of animal rights groups, including Animal Liberation Queensland, Gone are the Dogs and Friends of the Hound. Protesters are encouraged to bring their rescued greyhounds to be ambassadors on the day. Animal Liberation Queensland said the campaign had been building momentum, with volunteers collecting thousands of signatures at the Kuraby Markets over the past three weekends.

Group campaigner Rebecca Russo said she was hopeful the community’s voice would be heard. “The State Government knows it’s not in the community’s best interest and it’s not what the community wants, ” she said. “We’ve seen plans change in the past when there is strong community opposition to a project, and we’ve got almost 10,000 signatures against the project, I think they should listen.” 

“We’ve had a massive response and we’ve hoping to have 10,000 signatures by the end of the demo day.”

But not everyone thinks the new track is a bad idea.

President of the United Queensland Greyhounds Association, Deborah Arnold said there were a lot of myths about the racing industry. “They base it on what used to be around years and years ago, its not like that anymore its very very different,” she said.“Welfare is at the forefront at Racing QLD.

“We look down on people who mistreat their dogs and we will not accept that kind of behaviour within the industry.”

Ms Arnold said her ninety greyhounds were treated with care and respect and loved to race. “People don’t realise dogs have a nautal instinct to chase, and they love to run,” she said. “We put a lot of time a lot of money and a lot of effort into treating those dogs.”

The Churchable women thinks the facility will be “great for Logan” and doubts it will create a gambling problem. Ms Arnold’s facebook page Greyhounds to Logan has 517 likes. Most Logan City Councillors are against the track but the State Government says it will go ahead.

Saturday’s protest will take place from 10am- 12pm.

by Sarah Orr, Quest Newspapers

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