Greyhound Racing: Entrenched cruelty

Cruelty is entrenched in the greyhound racing industry. 

Here are just 3 reasons why:

Horrific live baiting practices were exposed in February on Four Corners– trainers were using possums, piglets and rabbits in the hopes of giving their dogs a ‘winning edge’. Since the expose, the alleged use of kittens was uncovered and two witnesses at the NSW Inquiry report up to 90% of trainers use live baiting practices.

The mass killing of greyhounds was one of the industry’s best-kept secrets – until now. Greyhounds Australasia recently admitted that 17,000 young, healthy greyhounds are killed every year. However, due to under-reporting and lack of transparency, it’s impossible to quantify the true amount of ‘wastage’ within the industry.

Racing is inherently dangerous to greyhounds. In 2012 – 2013 alone, over 14,402 injuries were reported. The full extent of injuries is unknown as they may be under-reported and only include those that occur at the racetrack.

If this wasn’t shocking enough, you’ll be surprised to know that this cruel industry is propped up by YOUR tax dollars:

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