‘Why we stand in front of cattle trucks’: Vegans

6th Feb 2018 

FORMING a blockade of signs that read 'stop killing animals' metres from the front grill of a B-double truck, animal activists stopped a truck full of cattle from entering a meatworks.

Five members of the Brisbane Animal Save group blocked off the front of JBS Meatworks at Dinmore in January, while others rushed to the side of the truck with selfie-sticks to 'be with the animals'.

It was the fourth time the group, which is part of Animal Liberation Queensland, had held 'vigils' at the site since August and organiser Amanda Holly says the intention is not to stop the animals from being killed.

Ms Holly said the group said they went to the site to 'spend a few moments with the animals'.

"What we were doing is something that we have done many times at JBS and other abattoirs and salughterhouses in Brisbane and regional Queensland," Ms Holly said.

"It was a vigil, not so much a protest but a peaceful vigil.

"We were there to bear witness to the animals that were arriving outside the slaughter houses and spend a few moments with them.

"We take photos and get footage that we share online and encourage people to see the animal and not just the product and make kinder choices with what they eat."

by Emma Clarke, The Queensland Times 

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