Queensland, we’ve got your vegan sweet treats covered*. Dessert lovers, you don’t need dairy (or eggs) to make these sweet treats taste awesome. Who said vegan food was boring and taste-free? Being vegan (and enjoying sweets, in moderation of course…wink) has never been easier and no animals are...
Up to 20 Kangaroos have already been killed with more to follow! 
Sharks, once again, are getting a bad rap. It goes without saying that we're relieved that Mick Fanning was unharmed. However, the sensationalised reporting of a 'shark attack' - with Jaws analogies resurfacing - is not ok. 
Christie Ryan won our recent cookbook competition and was happy to share her story with you.
Damning evidence from VIC, NSW & QLD has implicated 70 trainers and their staff in the illegal practice of 'live baiting'.
On Monday night ABC Four Corners will air the results of ground-breaking investigations conducted by Animal Liberation Queensland and  Animals Australi
Dairy calf at Queensland saleyards
At the time of this story it is Australia Day 2015, over 35 degrees and I am at least 5 days, not really sure but I was taken from my mother yesterday. It is now after 9 am and I am in a pen approx 1m x 2m with my friend who I met on the truck while being transported here and he is very very...
Smithers - A victim of greyhound racing
Animal Liberation Qld’s greyhound campaign has been a strong focus in 2014 and we have raised awareness of greyhound exploitation in many media stories. As the year draws to a close, we’d like to share the very special story of Smithers, a rescued Queensland greyhound.
Mount Isa Rodeo 2014 - Animal Liberation Qld
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